Just last year, I inquired from friend what she will like as a birthday gift been that her birthday was just around the corner.

A kiss, “she replied”

But that is no gift, after all on occasions when we meet and exchange greetings especially after a long period of time and distance, I am always quick to stamp a kiss on your cheek.

She quickly replied; Dude nor be that kind kiss I dey talk. My birthday is special and as such deserve a special gift.

Gbam! I don buy trouble “I thought to my self”. Who send me to ask this kind question? Her choice of a birthday present sound an alarm in my head until I got her message few days later.

Hey Emmanuel,  hope you can give me a special kiss as my birthday present

“And after the special kiss what next”, I bluntly inquired

“Just a special kiss for my special day or is a lip to lip kiss too much a gift for you to give to me?” she replied with a frown emoji

No it is not too much but that is if you will allow me pour my saliva in a cup and give it to you to continue from there.

Haba Emmanuel! I thought we are friends.

Yes, we are very good friends but that is not enough reason why my brain should go on vacation in such sensitive issues

This kind of special kiss, where does it lead to?

I like the question you asked above”…JUST A SPECIAL KISS FOR MY SPECIAL DAY OR IS A LIP TO LIP KISS TOO MUCH A GIFT FOR YOU TO GIVE TO ME….?.” It sounds so innocent and inviting. It shows no harm and certainly, no death. It wraps itself in a bliss of curiosity and a longing to explore ancient wonders. But I know its lurking danger and its capacity to escort me into a realm of guilt and condemnation.

But wait oh…….why. should we even start this journey of a special kiss?”

Pastor Tekena Ikoko once said ” Sex is a process….. You have to ask yourself also why is premarital sex ungodly, and what constitutes the sex process?”

When the kiss journey visits the lips, and desires more, what shall we say? When it takes a downward slide and lands on the oval breasts, what shall we say?

When the lips is on this journey, what shall the hands be doing? Do we cage them and remind the hands not to interfere?

What if my  stubborn hands goes all over your shoulders and lands on your breasts, are we going to still call it “just a kiss”?

what if my stubborn and now, uncontrolled hands moves on, and invades your buttock and your thigh, are we going to still call it just a kiss?

With your mind shut down, and your system mesmerised with oceans of love, the question you should be asking is, HOW FAR IS JUST A KISS… and WHY SHOULD IT EVEN BE FAR?

Don’t be fooled by just a kiss !


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