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It’s 4 O clock, I didn’t need a reminder but my alarm clock just would not understand that this wasn’t another time for unnecessary noise making…I quickly jumped into my neatly ironed biro blue sleeves Lisa gifted me and my jean trousers, wore some perfume and did a thorough mouth wash. I wouldn’t want to mess things up on a special day like this..

Quickly I boarded the next available cab to the cinema. The cinema has been our romantic relaxation spot during weekends. The cab driver had barely veered off the noisy PTI road in Warri when I began to reminisce on how I met Lisa, it has been an awesome two years with her now. We have seen our casual meeting in a cold rainy day on July 25th two years ago grown into friendship and even got better when I asked for a relationship.

It seems Lisa lost the ability to tell me NO, she always says yes to all my request and suggestions. I hope today won’t be any different. I looked at the beautiful near diamond ring I got just to engage her, I couldn’t help but mutter the question helplessly to myself. Lisa will you marry me? I have been rehearsing this for over three months now waiting for this day.

I hard barely alighted from the taxi when I saw Lisa dressed in the pink beautiful gown I got for her on her recent birthday. She never show up late for any of our date and I sometimes marvel about how she constantly improve on been exceptionally beautiful. With a wild smile, I hasten up to meet her, my heart was drumming very fast but I still manage to give her a warm hug as we went over the counter to purchase our ticket. Seeing a movie without a pack of popcorn is another definition of boredom.

we walked into the dark air conditioned hall as we found our seat around the third to the last row just between two other ladies who had come to see a movie as well.

The movie just began when Lisa broke he silence. You just won’t stop been cute, do you know I almost fainted when I saw you stepping down from a cab across the road? and please don’t ask me why, You got me crushing on you over and over again.

Lisa could never have imagine what I had in my mind, she had made the job relatively easier for me but somehow I still struggle to talk. Hmmmm….

I poped the question…..

Lisa will you marry me? I asked going down on one knee and opening the ring before her.

The shock on her face left her mouth wide open as she stared at me. We had created a scene that diverted the eyes of the audience to our direction now. Within a couple of seconds, flash light from phones were already reflecting everywhere. That’s probably why we are Nigerians, always willing to help our neighbour keep memories alive.

As I patiently waited for Lisa’s response, sweet tears flowed effortlessly from her eyes and I assume it is part of her make up as a woman.

Ye……..s yes, she manage to reply with stammering lips just before I will jump for joy she said hold on please, I want to say something

When you came into my life, you became my prince and you treated me like the only princess in the world.


I said yes to your request for friendship not because I had no friends but because my association stink

I said yes to been around you not because I wanted to but because I have no life of my own

I said yes to cooking your meals, sweeping your house and even washing your clothes not because I wanted to but because I had become a slave to inferiority complex

I said yes to your request for relationship because I wanted to use you to heal my broken and shattered heart

I said yes to your request for sex not because of love but because Kingsley my ex had forcefully abused and  infected me with HIV. He even spat at my face when he was done.

I am saying yes now to your request for marriage now because I freely donated HIV to you three weeks ago……. please forgive me and lets move on…

As I drop my pen, I feel a pressing need to ask….

Do you know why he is saying yes to you?

Do you know why she is saying yes to you?


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