I seldom read mails, a casual visit to my Google mail on sunday evening made my evening quite an awesome one. I smiled like a child while reading through a mail one of the participant from the first edition of Love Capsule sent me.

Permit me to copy and paste her message here.

“Good evening Mr. Philip Emmanuel,

Thanks for the first edition of Love Capsule, it was really filled with much lessons and value. However, most of my friends are dating and they even said  been single doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have a boyfriend.

As a Christian, so much church rules and doctrines constantly restrict me from saying yes to some regular guys but I am yet to see in the Bible where it is written that we shouldn’t date.

Right now I am considering dating one of the guys in my sphere. Don’t you think dating is not a sin?

I will be glad if you can Kindly reply this mail as quick as you can because by Wednesday this week, I might officially have my own boyfriend.

#My_Response: wow! Thanks for connecting with me on this platform, this is probably the first time I am chatting with someone via Gmail on such issues.

It matters what your idea of dating is, I will spare you all the details about what dating means because I already understand where you are coming from.

Now you asked me if I think dating is not a sin?

Well it’s not a matter of what I think or what I don’t think.

The Bible is silent about dating thus leaving us to work with the principles of friendship, relationship and purity.

If your idea of dating is akin to courtship then I can boldly say it’s not a sin.

But if it is different then why trade with people’s destiny, emotions, and future, in a caricature exercise of fun and games? Freedom without responsibility is anarchy.

So my dear, should you say yes to start dating that guy by Wednesday? I honestly don’t know but come to think of it; should you pursue romance when you are really not interested in commitment.

I am sure you want to date because you want to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of intimacy without the responsibility of real commitment.

Considering dating in this context, personally I choose not to get involved in it. Not because I don’t want to get married. Not because I don’t want to enjoy romance but because I realized that I need to wait on romance until I can match my pursuit of intimacy with a pursuit of commitment.

So, my dear until you can do same, don’t date!

Joshua Harris wrote in his book titled I Kissed Dating Goodbye that; “The joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment”

I guess you now know what to do by Wednesday.


#LoveCapsule ====> You do not swallow what can not heal you

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