Last weekend I was at Love Capsule Rhapsody International to learn again in the current eight weeks sex series.

I paid rapt attention as one of the key note speaker, Winnie Ene Louisa ditched it hot one more time and somewhere in the cause of the teaching, she said “GOD IS NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR VIRGINITY BUT YOUR SEXUAL PURITY.” I took note of the statement and said it repeatedly until it sank in my heart.

Just like I anticipated, when it was question and answer segment, someone asked;

“Ma, you said a person can be a virgin and yet not sexually pure. Please elaborate?”. Winnie did justice to the question but the question keep coming from different persons even after the session was over.

I knew it was serious business when a dear sister sent me a message saying; ” If what Winnie said is true then what’s the big deal about virginity?”

Hey, please let’s not play down the importance of virginity. The HYMEN GATE is a blood covenant. It a passage into the “HOLY OF HOLLIES”.

Don’t mess with it. When the penis activates it, heaven help you to recover from the volcanoes of pleasure stored there, you might just be signing up for a journey of addiction, twisted emotions and trauma.

The vagina is like hell that keeps burning except mercy and grace delivers it from it self. Don’t wake it up for a careless passerby.

Alas! if you have done so then read this piece twice

Are you saying that outside virginity, there is nothing more to give to your husband?

Listen up! Let me show you wisdom just like the way Pastor Tekena Ikoko taught me four years ago.

How about you worry less about a blood tissue to present on your wedding night, and worry more about the more important things you can offer your husband, your children and your world for the rest of your life?

Virginity may be gone, but what about purity, values, character, and an exemplary life? The presence or absence of a hymen cannot be all that defines you. It cannot be the yard stick by which we measure your worth.

As important as virginity is, the loss of it does not mean that we are scared for life. Sometimes, in the defence of physical virginity, people proceed to embrace masturbation, pornography, and anal sex. Therefore, we must move beyond the preservation of the hymen and strive for purity – freedom from all forms of sexual defilement.

There is something greater, higher and more valuable than virginity.

There is a covering thicker than a hymen, there is something that respects the hymen but does not rest on its righteousness.

I respect the hymen. I will tell my daughters to defend their hymen, but I will tell them the truth, “your purity is more than your virginity”. I would love you to have both your virginity and your purity, but if anything sadly happens, please visit Calvary today, and get back your purity. It is in Christ that we have
forgiveness, righteousness and purity.

This should be our goal.

Seek restoration through the high covenant of grace, for your true dignity is who you are in Christ, and purity higher than virginity.

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  1. Thank you sir Philip
    Am personally blessed let me bless other by sharing

  2. Inspiring

  3. There is a covering thicker than a hymen….this got me thinking

  4. Many persons focus too much on virginity forgetting to build their character and other valuable things in them.

  5. Virginity Nd sexual purity, thanks dear, I av gained alot from this

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