About Lovecapsule

Love Capsule is a love and relationship brand seeking to restore decency and sanity to relationships and family life and curb the menaces of child abuse, pornography usage, sexual impurity, purposeless relationships and displaced emotional ideologies through divinely inspired write-ups, publications, outreaches and training.

Our Vision:

We envision an emotionally sane world where young persons will no longer struggle with the pain and heartache associated with purposeless and immoral friendships and relationships.

Our Core Values

Bearing in mind the vision to restore the God kind of love to the world, we imbibe and work by these principles:

  • Purposeful Friendships and Relationships
  • Self-development
  • Emotional Decency & Sanity
  • Sexual Purity

Our Team

About Philip Emmanuel

Philip Emmanuel is a known writer, author, relationship coach and host of Love Capsule, a monthly online show. He is the community manager at TEBEBA as well as the content writer.

He is famous for his ability to extract life, intimacy, love and romantic relationship principles from everyday stories and life experiences and make them accessible to people of every background.

He is the pioneer of Love Capsule, a brand whose vision is to birth an emotionally sane world where young persons will no more struggle with the pain and heartache associated with purposeless and immoral friendships and relationships.

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Winifred Odeh Ene

Winifred is a young, dynamic and prolific writer. Winnie’s passion for making positive impact and adding value to the lives of young people. She has a strong desire to see young people burn for the Lord. Her vision is to bring hope to the hopeless, care for orphans, restoring sanity purity and harmony to relationships and family life and address common everyday challenges facing contemporary teens and youths. She is the founder of WinnieMakingImpact(WMI).

Idakpo Raphael Peter

Idakpo Raphael Peter is a graduate of Economics from Kogi State University, Anyigba. He is also a Christian writer with the vision of birthing a godly nation. On the strength of this vision, Idakpo is committed to providing the Love Capsule vision

Anchile Thaddeus Ternenge

Tiv by tribe, (born April 01, 1991) is a Christian Rapper ,singer, graphic and web designer, promoter, blogger, songwriter, poet and IT consultant. He has served in many different organizations including YWAP(Youth With a Purpose Initiative) whose sole aim is to affect their generation for Christ. Balancing his desire to impact lives and his God-given creativity, Thaddeus is committed to dishing out inspiring teachings and ideas that will help to build all who ever have to come across love capsule to become better in their love lives and everyday lives.

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