Can I advertise under your website ?

Yes, our website is open for valuable advertisement.

Can I get e-books on your website ?

Yes, all the books authored by Philip Emmanuel can be purchased directly from

the website.

How can payments be made generally for courses and training ?

Generally payments are made in our website or transferred into the company’s

account through mobile transfer, direct deposit and ATM transfer

Can purchases be made 24 hours a day ?

Our customer service runs 24/7 and as such purchases can be made anytime of

the day.

Can I pay upon receipt of the service or commodity ?

Payment for goods are normally made before delivery but for services, it can be negotiated.

Can I get personal (one-on-one) coaching session on relationships and heart issues ?

Yes, we offer personal coaching session to interested clients.

If your site is down or I wish to make I personal enquiry is there a physical office space I can visit ?

You can also put a call through to us via our phone numbers and we will be more than ready to respond to you.

How long do training or coaching sessions ordinarily last for love and relationship writers ?

Generally our Master Class runs for one week but we also take special client on special training and coaching session that can last for as long as the client want.

Do all the coaching or training sessions require online participation ?

Yes our training and coaching session requires online participation but on few occasions we offer face to face coaching and training session to individuals on demand.

Do you have any special features for persons who suffer disabilities ?

Yes, we give special and much needed attention to persons who suffers disabilities yet want to be an impact on this mountain of love and relationships.

Can I get any discount for recommending certain number of people for your Training and coaching sessions ?

Of course. It is however subject to negotiations.

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